Information for architects,  building and landscape  designing company.

Installation of  automatic sprinkler systems is the integral part of the modern landscape designing , as the presence of such system on area raises prestige and comfort  of the whole landscape project, providing care for boarding and for long years saving much time of landscape designers to the primeval vide. 

 Dear architects, builders and landscape designers! Information  given bellow is a direct commercial proposal on increasing the spectrum of the services, executed  by Your company.


The installation of automatic sprinkler systems must be executed before the final termination of the work on improvement, since the system is underground. Hence, it is  necessary to conduct whole complex of the work on improvement and planting of trees and shrubs of the territory with installing of the automatic sprinkler systems. If Your company presently does not suggest such a type of the services, but in he appears production need, that our employees will be able to give all necessary free consultations, but is as required executed whole complex of the complete work on irrigation on mutually beneficial condition. We offer the following variants possible cooperation: 


The Chief-montage. One specialist is Executed on the conditions of contract or subcontract with granting the  worker by Customer or contractor accordingly. Allows greatly to reduce the cost erection works.


The Semiautomatic systems. We Suggest the montage of the semiautomatic irrigation systems. Control semiautomatic irrigation system is realized by openings and closing globular crane. The Absence of the automatics vastly reduces the cost of the whole system, not changing at irrigation quality. The Location of the watering heads on area does not depend on presence or absences of the automatics to irrigation system.


Servicing and repair. We Realize warranty, after warranty, servicing and repair of irrigation system installed as our, so and the other company. Our experts take care of well-timed undertaking the work on preservations of the irrigation system for winter period, as well as preparing and adjusting the system before beginning of the watering season, will produce as required urgent equipping repair .


The Preliminary cost automatic or semiautomatic system is defined after undertaking the work on making up design-estimated documentation - a making up the project of the irrigation system , undertaking the calculation of the features of the equipment and making up the preliminary cost estimate to provided to equipping and produced work with account of all standard specifications and requirements of the Customer. The Irrigation system final cost is defined by estimated calculation to produced work , equipping and material along fact their installation.


The Cost of the ready automatic sprinkler systems from payment from 1,70 - 12,00 $ (USA) for 1 sq..m. for watered part of the area. The Cost of 1 sq..m area can change depending on different factor: square of the area, strong swing of the heights on area, presence or absence water sources  the running water (the pluming, bore hole, pool and etc), presence or absence not watered object and territory, presence or absence boarding on area requiring different irrigation ways or shading flight (trees, flower beds, flowerbeds, and etc.) and other factors.

We give the discounts for installing of the automatic sprinkler systems from 3% to 7% from estimated cost of the produced work (depending on difficulties of the system, square of the area and other conditions)
The Go-between are paid interest from 3% to 5% estimated cost by executed draft.