" Iratek " LLC - offers in the Armenian market production and technologies of the US "Hunter" company.  Hunter Industries is among the world’s leading manufacturers of irrigation equipment for turf, landscape and golf courses. 

From garden to golf courses, from custom homes to campuses, from shopping centers to sport fields... we've developed a full line-up of top quality irrigation products for virtually every application.

Hunter products are installed in every corner of the globe: public gardens in Europe; soccer stadiums in Australia; Little League parks in Indiana; golf courses in South Africa; civic centers in Saudi Arabia. Communities around the world are enhanced by Hunter products; it is a responsibility we value.

About  Automatic Sprinkler Systems  in detail

Prompt development of construction of cottages, increase in quantity of private landed properties, sports and entertaining complexes, and also necessity of modernization of already existing places of leisure and rest  introduction of new methods and technologies of an irrigation of lawns and green plantings in Armenia, considering the growing prices for water.

We offer a full complex of services - consultancy,  designing, installation , guarantee and  servicing.

Your landscape reflects the pride that you take in your home and your neighborhood. An automatic irrigation system is the easiest way to keep that landscape beautiful and provide you with three great dividends:
Simplicity. Save time and effort. Once an irrigation system is installed you’ll never have to drag a hose all over the yard, never have to try and figure out if you’ve applied enough (or too much) water, and you’ll never have to worry about watering the lawn while you’re away.
Efficiency. Because the system is automatic, you don’t need to be there to physically apply the water. You’ll have more free time to enjoy more of your favorite activities.

Value. Attractive landscaping requires substantial investment and careful maintenance. An automatic irrigation system will protect that investment by assuring healthier, longer living plants and turf. Plus, installing a system is a convenience “upgrade” that will measurably increase your property’s appraised value and curb appeal.

Installing an automatic irrigation system is a complex task. That’s why it is best to hire a qualified professional. We are experts in hydraulics, proper sprinkler system layout, plant water requirements and soil types. Their skills will help ensure a water-efficient system and years of trouble-free operation.

On our site we shall try to give complete information which will help you to be oriented and later make a correct choice.  

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